What’s this blog about?

This blog is about “exploring God’s word and how we should live in light of His marvellous grace”. Basically I’ll be posting a mix of what I’m learning from the bible or thinking through, different prayer points and links to other great (usually bible-based) blogs or pages.

How often will I post?

Whenever I have the time – which is turning out to be a lot less then I’d hoped. But thats OK – God is good, and I’d much rather be busy than wasting my time.

How can you contact me?

There are a variety of methods for contacting me. Your best bet will probably be to comment on the specific post that your comment is related to.

Otherwise you can send me an email at only.in.christ25@gmail.com for other general enquiries, prayer points, requests or thoughts.

How can you know when I post?

The easiest way is to follow me on WordPress. Otherwise you can like my page on Facebook: Rock and Refuge, or follow me on Google Plus or Twitter (but I post far less on those)


Enjoy looking around and feel free to offer any thoughts or advice that you have!

God Bless!



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