The Ressurection

Why is Jesus’ Resurrection Important? Does it matter if Jesus physically rose from the dead?

In short: Yes, it matters a lot.

In 1 Corinthians 15:12-19, Paul outlines seven reasons that Jesus’ physical resurrection is important. He says that if Christ has not been raised then…

  • Our preaching is useless
  • Our faith is in vain
  • Those who preach are lying about God
  • The dead aren’t raised
  • We’re still dead in our sins
  • Past Christians who have died are gone forever
  • We are to be pitied above all men.

Jesus’ resurrection is important on a number of levels. If we look back to the fall, we see that the result of sin is death. If death hasn’t been conquered by Jesus then how can we know that sin has been dealt with?

If Jesus didn’t rise again then we also have no assurance that we will rise again at the end. If there’s no resurrection for humanity, then why bother following Jesus? If serving him is only for this life, then why not go live disobeying God? There would be no ultimate consequences after we die.

But we know that Jesus did rise again. God showed his power in raising his son back to life to prove that sin has been dealt with, death is conquered and will will rise again also – all of humanity. How we live matters then – if we reject God and the safe refuge he has offered us in Jesus then we will face his just judgement at the end. If we have given up our self-righteous trust in “me” and accepted Jesus as the only one who can save then we will be with God for eternity.

What’s more, since we know that Jesus rose again, we can have confidence that this life is not the end. We don’t have to fear death, and we don’t have to fear hardship in this life. We can have our hopes set fully on our future which is secure because our King has risen again, he lives and he intercedes for us, and he will raise us to life again also to be with him for eternity.


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