A Psalm to the god of Fashion

{ tim deutscher }

“Fashion, O great redeemer
Save us from our misery
Heal our brokenness
Take away our loneliness
Extinguish our ugliness
Give us value and worth
That we may feel beautiful
And all our problems will disappear
You are our saviour and god
And we will purchase you all of our days”

You’ve probably never said these words out loud or even consciously. But as they say, “actions speak louder than words.” Have your actions ever shown that you believed these words?

Idolatry is putting something in the place of God
It can be anything. Fashion. Sex. Love. Money. Achievement. Football. One Direction. Whatever. Anything you put as the number 1 in your life. It can be anything you worship. But it can also be anything you look towards to give you complete value, worth, satisfaction, joy or salvation from your problems.

We need God as number 1
God describes idolatry this…

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