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A small god offers no comfort for a big storm – “A god, that does not know, is not able or does not care, is a small and pathetic deity, who is not worthy of worship, adoration or trust. Ultimately a small god can offer no comfort for what happened on Sunday night. None.”

The least sung song: “We all know there is a vertical dimension to our worship, where our songs give us a voice to sing to the Lord in praise or in petition, in expressions of wonder or in pleas for his favour. Most of us think far less about the horizontal dimension of worship, where we worship for the benefit of our Christian brothers and sisters. The least-sung song is the song we sing for one another.”

My Congregation Barely Sings; How can I help? This is a really good article is you lead church music! Church leaders underestimate how deliberately they must push against these cultural trends to get their church singing”. 

Scared: It’s really good to have some true honesty – and here’s a slice of some.

The Gospel – Here’s a good summary of Who God is, who we are, what sin is, why we need Jesus and how we can be saved. Highly Recommended!


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