The Sites to See

Jesus isn’t the means to something wonderful – Adam Ford offers another comic on how we view Jesus. Obeying him isn’t the way to get blessings. Jesus is the blessing.

“Don’t Waste your Weakness” – This is another reflective post by John Piper – he always has some good, deep and rich thoughts to think through and I hadn’t really thought of this before. It’s certainly something to ponder.

10 Questions for a better bible study – This post is definitely helpful if you’re reading the bible and really looking for how you can be learning more from it.

I’m better than you – Tim Challies offers the honest truth about his pride. And I think if we’re honest with ourselves we can all relate to it.

Prayermate – I just downloaded this app, and it looks helpful! Basically the goal is to help you remember to pray. You can put in prayer points and it will cycle through them. Give it a go.

Sincerely one of the Many girls who care – this is a post for the guys, from a girl. How are we going at keeping ourselves pure for our future wife? For our families? For the sake of women who have been so easily ‘objectified’?


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