Is He glorified in the church?

Ephesians 3:20-21 – “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

One thing that I’ve been thinking through recently is the question of if what we do in church glorifies God. Does the preaching glorify God? Does the music point us to him and what he’s done? What about our attitudes?

Like the passage above says: God has and is able to do more abundantly then we even think or ask. He deserves all the glory – in our lives individually and in the church.


I haven’t done a massive study into preaching or what preaching is like in lots of churches. But does the preaching we hear on Sunday teach us God’s word or man’s words? Is it based around “good advice” or the gospel which is the only way to be saved? Does it point to Jesus or to the pastor? Does it teach us to know and love God more or aim to entertain us and get people on seats? Do we her God’s word preached as just that – his infallible word that applies to us just as much now as it did in the past?

It seems to me that in a lot of churches the focus has shifted from God to other things. That’s not how it should be. That doesn’t glorify God. God and his word should be the entire focus of our preaching. That doesn’t mean we can’t entertain or use clever illustrations, but that shouldn’t be the focus. They shouldn’t be used unless they help the point.

The Music:

How is music done at your church? Do the songs teach and encourage us with deep biblical truths? Or are they just based around mindless repetition? Do the musicians point you to God or to themselves? Are they the centre of the music, or are they to the side? Does music play the main role in the church or does God’s word?

Music is good. I love it. But it can’t be the focus either. God needs to be. Does the music at your church help you learn about God and praise him? The music can be excellent and still be about God. I’m not at all saying we need to have bad music in church. We need to have God-glorifying, God-centred and God-focused music and musicians.

Our Attitudes:

I think our own attitudes are important to look at when we’re talking about if God os glorified in the church. Why do we go to church? Do we go longing and expecting to hear God’s word, praise him in song and be with his people to encourage and challenge with the truth, to be encouraged and challenged by it?

For me the temptation is to turn up to church tired from a long week, and to enjoy some time with people I like being with. That’s the wrong attitude. That attitude is all about me. It seems to me from the bible that our attitude should be to serve others at church, and to grow to know God more. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to go to be with fellow Christians. But we should desire that because God is the centre of those relationships, not because we just like those people.

I hope I’ve given you some things to think about. No church is perfect, but we should all be aiming to continually learn more and more about God and reflect that in our individual lives and in our churches when we gather together.

God Bless!


P.s. if you’re interested in checking out our church’s website then it’s below. Go ahead and take a listen to some of our sermons if you want.


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