The Sites to See

Are you Righteous? – This post is by one of my friends, but that’s not why I’ve provided a link. Take a look – by God’s standard are you righteous? The answer will be no, so the question becomes have you put your faith in Jesus as the only saviour and repented of your sins?

I want Every Young Person to Read This – Sam Kee gives a good challenge against the conformity our society encourages and how we should be living in light of the truth.

Christ as Radiance – “He is the Lion and the Lamb. He is the Lamb and the Shepherd. He is the Shepherd and the Warrior. He is the Warrior and the Priest. He is the Priest and the Sacrifice. He is the Sacrifice and the Victor. He is the Victor and the Servant. He is the Servant and the King. He is the King and the Convicted. He is the Convicted and the Judge. He is the Judge and the Advocate. Diverse excellencies, each pair juxtaposed yet complementary, finding their admirable conjunction in him.”

Open Letter to Pastors – in this post Anna Wood talks about what pastors should be teaching. Is this what we’re learning and eager to learn at church? If not then there’s a problem.

Eternity – I really enjoy Adam Ford’s cartoons – this one’s about keeping an eternal perspective. Take a look, it won’t take you long.


Soli Deo Gloria!



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