The Sites to See

“I want what she has” – in this post Anna talks about discontentedness and envy, two things we all struggle with and are fed with by our society. Take a read!

“Four points that showed what the church really valued” – This post is good. Tyler looks at what the early church had that most churches today have given up.

“Air” – Adam Ford offers another critique on the church (I’m really loving his comics!). So many churches present Jesus as begging us to come to him. Jesus never begged people in the bible. God doesn’t change. The creator of the universe doesn’t need to beg us to come to him. We need to beg him for mercy.

Pursuing your wife: Embracing a war-like posture: This series looks like it’ll be great! Take a look!

You want to #endit: This post is good – looking at practical ways we can actually join the fight against slavery. Wearing a T-shirt isn’t the best or most effective option!


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