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INDIA: Pastor and Wife Brutally Attacked

A Baptist pastor in Andhra Pradesh, India, is in a critical condition after he and his wife were attacked on 30 December by a group of radicals wielding swords, knives and sticks.

Pastor Namha Mosses, 45; his wife, Suvartha; and their 7-year-old daughter were asleep in their home when they heard a knock at the door at 1 am. When Pastor Mosses answered the door, he was repeatedly stabbed in the stomach and back, causing damage to his liver, kidneys and other internal organs.  Suvartha rushed to help her husband, but then she was attacked, receiving injuries on her head and hands.

Neighbours called an ambulance for the couple, and they were taken to a nearby hospital in Kamineni. Because Pastor Mosses’ injuries were more severe, he was transferred to a hospital in Hyderabad.

The couple had been warned to stop their Christian activities, but they continued to minister through prayer and their church, which includes 100 members and six house churches in the area.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Pray Pastor Mosses and his wife will make a full and complete recovery, pray the Lord will help them and their daughter overcome this ordeal.
  • Pray this attack will result in increased boldness among the believers in the area (Acts 5:29).
  • Pray the perpetrators will be affected by the witness of the believers and come to the Lord in repentance.

CHINA: Update on Alimujiang Yimiti

This month marks Alimujiang Yimiti’s sixth year in prison. Alimujiang was first charged in 2009 for “providing state secrets to overseas organisations.” However, many believe the real reason for his incarceration is his zealous commitment to share the Gospel and for leading a church in the Uyghur area of China’s northwest.

Alimujiang has been imprisoned since January of 2008. The following year he was sentenced to 15 years in detention. In April of 2010, his wife, Gulnur, was finally permitted to visit him for the first time since his imprisonment. Tragically, their son, who was only four years old at the time, could barely even recognise his father. At last report, Gulnur is only able to visit her husband once a month at the most.

The past six years have been incredibly difficult for this family, but God has faithfully sustained them. Gulnur recently shared that she had found a new job, and that her mother has become a believer. She also expressed how encouraged she is by the many prayers of brothers and sisters from around the world, as well as by the support of local Christians.

Source: Open Doors, International Christian Concern

Prayer Points

  • Pray that Alimujiang will be released from prison soon so he can be reunited with his wife and children. May this family be encouraged by the prayers of Christians throughout the world.
  • Praise the Lord that Gulnur’s mother has become a believer. Pray her faith will grow, eventually producing a great harvest.
  • May God also bless Gulnur in her new job. Ask for a special blessing on the couple’s children who are missing the presence of their earthly father in their daily lives…that they would look to their Heavenly Father to sustain them.

While praying for this family, please also consider sending Alimujiang a letter to build him up in his faith.Click here to visit our Prisoner Profiles page.

PAKISTAN: Deadly “Reform” to Controversial Blasphemy Laws

The Federal Sharia Court, the organisation that determines whether or not Pakistan’s laws comply with Sharia law, has ordered the Pakistani government to remove life imprisonment from punishments for blasphemy, leaving death as the only consequence.

Most fear that Muslims will abuse this new law to persecute religious minorities. Accusations of blasphemy are often levelled against individuals as a way of taking revenge or settling scores.

The hope is for there to be enough international pressure on the Pakistan government that they will not allow death to become the only punishment for blasphemy.

Source: International Christian Concern, VOM sources

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the protection of Christians in Pakistan who have been falsely accused of blasphemy.
  • Pray for the wisdom and courage of Christian lawyers fighting on behalf of Christians falsely accused of blasphemy.
  • Pray that the radicalism will be noticed and discouraged by the international community.

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